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Your Trade,My Business.'s Help (MIC) mainly covers the following functional areas. To know more about a specific one, click on the related subtitle below.

Virtual Office

MIC Virtual Office integrates a variety of useful functions. In Virtual Office, you can manage your company profile, your products, favorites and reminding. Also, it contains a Message Center where all your exchange messages can be viewed.

Message Centre
All the messages you have received from other MIC visitors will be stored in your Message Center. In here, you can view, reply and delete messages much like what you can do in an email box. The messages you have sent will be saved to the Sent Items folder, which will help you to keep track of all the messages you have sent. If you are our paid member, you can even download and save all the sent and received messages.

Member Info

  1. Company Info
    Company Info contains your basic company information you have filled in the registration. You can edit this information at any time. Please make sure that this information is accurate and up-to-date.

  2. Contact Info
    Contact Info contains your e-mail address, your phone\fax number and the contact man's name you have entered during the registration. Please make sure your e-mail address and other contact information are absolutely accurate, or other members will fail to come into contact with you.

  3. Change Password
    In here you can set your password, password question and answer in case you have forgotten it.

My Products

  1. Product Catalog ("Chinese" company only)
    Here you can use re-pasting function to update the posting time as well as view and delete your product information.
  2. Add New Product
    Here you can add new products to the list. You are suggested to provide as many details as possible about a single product such as photo, specifications, packaging, etc.
  3. Featured Products
    Premium service provided for Premium membership - China Suppliers to posit Featured Product atop in searching results.
  4. Display order
    Premium service for Premium membership - China Suppliers to arrange and adjust display order of the product catalog.

My Offers

  1. Offer List
    Here you can view and delete your offer information. You can also use the re-pasting function to update the posting time of a particular offer.

  2. Post New Offer
    Here you can add offers about purchase, sale and cooperation. You are suggested to provide as many details as possible about a single offer such as photo, specifications, etc.

  3. My Favorites
    While searching for a product\offer, or browsing through the Product Directory\Offer Board, if you've found a company or product or offer you are most interested in, you can then add it to your Company Favorites or Product Favorites or Offer Favorites. You may then visit the company or get the information about the products you are interested in at any time by easily selecting related items you've added in your Favorites list.

  4. Product Alerts (Product Reminding)
    If you want to buy a product, but there has been no satisfactory information about it in the searching results, then you can create a reminding for that product. Thus, when a company has added a new product with keywords matching the product you want, you will find it in your Product Reminding.

Membership Level

  1. Current Level
    Showing your current membership status in MIC, free Member or Premium Member.
  2. Level Upgrade
    Where you can apply for Premium membership - China Suppliers to enjoy more powerful Premium service.

My Showroom
My Showroom is a free MIC service for Chinese members to exhibit their companies and products in detailed description.

If you are our Chinese member and your company and product information has been successfully released, you will own a showroom automatically activated by our system!

EN Version: MemberID
CN Version: MemberID
BIG5 Version: MemberID

My Showroom has many advantages such as unique URL, clear comprehensive information about your company and products, easy management, etc. You can recommend your showroom to your clients and business partners.

  1. Template
    Premium service provided for premium membership - China Suppliers to choose your Showroom from templates of different styles and page layouts.

  2. Contents Management
    Premium service provided for Premium membership - China Suppliers to customize the menu of My Showroom.

  3. Products Display Order
    Premium service for Premium membership - China Suppliers to arrange and adjust the display order of the product catalog.

  4. Preview
    If your company and product information has been successfully published, or you are our premium member and have customized the templates and contents, you may click here to take a look at your new showroom.


Product Directory's database consists of more than 150,000 Chinese products and their suppliers and is fully searchable within the Product Directory area, which only contains information from Chinese Suppliers. Products from other countries are available only in the Offer Board.

The fastest way to find the product or company you are looking for is by searching.

When using keywords to search, please note the following:

  1. Use descriptive keywords. For example, if you want to find baseball caps, typing "baseball cap" in the query box will yield better results than simply using "cap".

  2. If you receive a "No match found" message, try to use general keywords. For example, CPU is more general than Pentium.

  3. Keyword search is not case-sensitive, so Cap will yield the same result as cap.

The alternative searching method is to manually navigate through the 16 major categories until you have found the product you want. This method is, however, slower and less accurate than keyword search.


Offer Board

Offer board is a BBS-styled area where all MIC members can post offers to buy and to sell or cooperate with others. Unlike the Product Directory, the Offer Board contains information not just about Chinese Suppliers. The Offer Board is searchable in a similar way to the product search. You can manually search through the product categories or use keywords to search. Besides, you can select to view offers to buy, to sell or to cooperate in combination or alone.

You will notice that there are several offers listed in the searching results. If you click on the offer topic of a specific one, you can then view it in details. By clicking one of the buttons you can choose to view a particular kind of offers. You can post your own offer by clicking on "Post New Offer" on the left of the page. Anytime you can delete or edit your offers by clicking on "Manage Offers" in the Offer Board area.


Trade Service

The Trade Service area provides an outline of the Premium Service that MIC offers to all members. If you want more information, please contact us.


Info Centre

For your convenience we have compiled some useful information and links to various important websites. If you need to find out how to get a Chinese visa, if you want to know the time in Beijing, or have questions about international trade regulations, etc, you can find the answers easily in the Info Centre.


If you have any further questions about how to use, please feel free to contact us.
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